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Dr. Latricia B. Warren

As a 26 year veteran of K12 education in private, parochial and charter schools, Dr. Warren has held a deep commitment to student success. In her service as a 20 year school administrator, she has been instrumental in bringing about necessary change and in creating high-performing learning environments for all students. She has served as a teacher, principal and assistant principal in New Orleans, inclusive of her recent positions as Assistant Principal at KIPP Morial Middle School and Sophie B. Wright High School respectively. Dr. Warren joined the faculty of Grand Canyon University in 2019 as a Faculty Site Supervisor. In this role, she evaluates teacher candidates based on GCU’s Professional Dispositions of Learners. Dr. Warren is the founder and lead advocate of Raising Perceptions Coaching & Consulting, LLC. As coach and consultant, Dr. Warren assists teachers with certification test preparation, improving instructional practices and interview preparation. 

Advocacy and empowerment have been staples of Dr. Warren’s educational career. As an administrator, she maintained open communication with parents, respecting all parents as individuals who simply want to help their student. Advocacy and empowerment were the guiding principles behind the creations dn launch of Dr. B’s College and Career Blog and Dr. B’s Thursday Thoughts College and Career Vlog at the start of the pandemic. The premise behind both of these endeavors was to provide parents and students with information that they may have been missing because schools were virtual and as a result students did not have direct access to guidance counselors. 

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